Our Team

Board Members 

Lee Kok Fatt
Gyanendra Badgaiyan
Member, Board of Directors
Tim Hanstad
Member, Board of Directors
Wu Wei Neng
Chief Executive Officer of the Chandler Institute of Governance, and Dean of the Chandler Academy of Governance

Academy Team 

Jia Hao Chan
Manager (Curriculum)
Sin Xin Ping
Deputy Dean (Programmes)

Tan Hui En

Executive (Programmes)

Yogaananthan Theva
Head (Curriculum)
Wong Huey Khey

Senior Manager (Government Projects and Programmes)

Advisors and Experts

Kamel Ayadi
Advisory Council Member
Manu Bhaskaran
CEO and Founding Director, Centennial Group International; Former Vice-President, Economics Society, Singapore
Blair Cameron
Consultant, World Bank
Teaching Faculty, Leadership Academy for Development
Helen Chen
Former Founding Executive Director, Centre for Public Project Management, Ministry of Finance, Singapore; Adjunct Associate Professor, National University of Singapore
April Chin
Former Senior Assistant Director, Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore; Founder, Eden Consulting
Ngosa Chisupa
Former Presidential Advisor in the Office of the President, Zambia
Bayan Maxwell Edis
Principal Consultant, John Maxwell Pte Ltd; Former Lawyer, Supreme Court, Victoria
Sharath Jeevan OBE
Executive Chairman, Intrinsic Labs; Founder, STiR Education
Nankhonde Kasonde van den Broek
CEO, ZANGA African Metrics; Founding Board Member, Africa Board for Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology
Lim Soo Ping
Former Auditor-General, Auditor-General's Office, Singapore; Professor of Accountancy (Practice), Singapore Management University
Donald Low
Director, HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies; Former Associate Dean, Executive Education and Research, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore
Aaron Maniam
Former Deputy Secretary (Industry & International), Ministry of Communications & Information, Singapore
Katyana Melic
Former Assistant Director, Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore

Dr. K. U. Menon

Senior Consultant, Ministry of Communications & Information, Singapore
Zukiswa Mqolomba
National Commissioner, Public Service Commission, South Africa
Sandra Naranjo Bautista
Former Chief of Administration, President's Executive Office; Former acting Vice-President and Minister, Planning and Development, Ecuador
Ng Ee-Ling
Former Director, Civil Service College, Singapore
Dr Marian O'Sullivan
Former Director General, Institute of Public Administration, Dublin, Ireland
Sheila Pakir
Former Deputy Director, Communications Group, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore; Founder and Principal Consultant, Kaye Consulting
Dr. Katalin Pallai
Former Course Director, The World Bank, United Nations Development Programme
Jared Poon
Former Senior Assistant Director, Centre for Strategic Futures, Prime Minister's Office; Former Assistant Director, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Singapore
Tan Kwang Cheak

Former CEO, Agency for Integrated Care, Singapore

Sonny Tan
Former Deputy Director, Singapore Economic Development Board; Former CEO, Real Estate Investment Trust Association, Singapore
Luke Tay
Former Director, Singapore Food Agency; Founder, Cornucopia Futurescapes
Jean-Francois Verdier
Inspector General of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, France
Vu Minh Khuong
Advisory Council Member
Kent Weaver
Professor of Public Policy and Government, Georgetown University; Teaching Faculty, Leadership Academy for Development
Wu Ye-Min
Regional Director, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue; Former Deputy Permanent Representative, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore
Yeo Whee Jim
Former Director, Public Service Commission Secretariat, Prime Minister's Office;
Former Institute Director, Civil Service College, Singapore
Yip Yee Thai
Former Protocol Officer, Protocol Directorate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore