Blair Cameron

Blair Cameron works as a consultant for the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and other international organizations. Blair has extensive experience researching public policy implementation and public sector reform and has conducted hundreds of interviews with reform leaders across Africa, North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Through his work at the World Bank, Blair has trained and managed researchers who have written dozens of implementation-focused case studies.

Since January 2020, Blair has worked for Stanford University’s Leadership Academy for Development (LAD), and has taught LAD workshops for Ukraine Catholic University’s School of Public Management, the Asia Development Bank Institute, and the Mahatma Gandhi State Institute of Public Administration. Previously, Blair was a Senior Researcher at Innovations for Successful Societies, a research centre at Princeton University.

As well as authoring dozens of case studies and contributing to other World Bank publications, Blair is the co-author of Improving Public Sector Performance through Innovation and Inter-Agency Coordination. Blair is from Methven, New Zealand, and holds a degree in International Relations from Brown University.