Yip Yee Thai

Yip Yee Thai is a Protocol Consultant with more than 44 years of extensive government experience, organizing high profile events, applying state protocol as well as providing training in protocol matters.

Yee Thai is the current protocol trainer in the Singapore Civil Service College (CSC). He has trained over 3000+ local government officials over the years and he has trained foreign Protocol Officers from Australia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Fiji, Iraq, Timor Leste, Laos and Oman in the application of protocol.

Whilst serving in the Protocol Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for many years, he led teams of officers to look after VVIP visits to Singapore and outgoing visits by our Leaders to other countries. Organising down to minute detail, coordinating with providers and agencies, he is a true practitioner of international protocol. Yee Thai is well versed in diplomatic niceties. His exciting work had taken him to many countries and given him extensive exposure to different cultural practices and norms. In recent times, Ministries, Agencies and Institutions have sought his advice and guidance on organising bilateral and multilateral events involving high level foreign participants on matters of protocol. He is well placed to provide insights into the intricacies, the nuances and unspoken aspects of international relations.

He retired from the civil service in 2014. Since then, he had resumed training on ‘Protocol’ courses for the Civil Service College, Ministries and Statutory Boards.