Public Policy Design - Foundations

About This Course

You have been tasked with finding a solution to a seemingly intractable policy challenge. There are myriad plausible policy solutions, but none are perfect and all involve some trade-offs. Does this sound familiar?

This course introduces you to a five-step policy design process, with practical toolkits at each step, to help you design policies that can work.

Training Dates

Take the course at your own pace


 Approximately 4 hours

Learning Mode

Fully online and self-paced - take the course anytime and anywhere


Obtain a Certificate of Achievement from CAG


No pre-requisites required

Learning Objectives

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand what policies are, and how they support the goals and priorities of the government  
  • Understand the policy design process in five steps, including the principles and practical toolkits at each step of the way   

Who This Is For

Early- to mid- career public servants at all levels who are involved in policy design, and want to acquire tools and frameworks for doing so more effectively

Course Outline

Introduction to public policy design

  • What is public policy
  • Why is it important?

Key considerations in policy design

  • Introducing the four main considerations in policy design
  • Establishing the nexus between policy design and policy implementation
  • Stakeholder communication and feedback

The policy design cycle 

  • Define / Redefine the Challenge
  • Examine the Context
  • Identify and evaluate policy options
  • Design the execution system
  • Seek approval for policy


Expert Contributors & Trainers

Kenneth Sim
Managing Director (Strategy and Research)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do I have to access the course?

You will have access for one year.

What do pre-requisites mean?

Some courses require that you have a particular set of skills or knowledge before you begin the course.  You are strongly encouraged to complete the pre-requisite course first if there is one listed on the course page.

Can I pay via other channels other than credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. 

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