About This Course

Each nation has a story, and it is the role of national leaders to steward that story from one generation to the next.
Explore the concept of ‘National Story’, how government leaders can discern and communicate a nation's story, and align it to policy.

Training Dates

To be advised. 
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Approximately 3.5 hours

Learning Mode

Live instruction - online or in person


Obtain a certificate of achievement from CAG


No pre-requisites required

Learning Objectives

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand the concept of 'National Story' and how story can inform policy
  • Recognise the role of government leaders in discerning and stewarding the National Story in developing government policies and programmes

Who This Is For

Public servants at all levels who want to understand and harness the power of 'National Story' to inform policy-making

Course Outline

An introduction to National Story 

  • What is National Story and why is it important?

The building blocks of National Story
Defining a "good" National Story 
Discerning National Story

  • How to discern and communicate National Story

Stewarding the National Story in policy design

  • Case studies of National Story and policy-making

Group exercise and discussion

Expert Contributors & Trainers

Kenneth Sim
Managing Director (Strategy and Research)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between courses and custom programmes?

Courses can be taken by individuals as a standalone. Custom programmes are cohort-based and specially designed to address specific learning needs of an organisation. 

What do pre-requisites mean?

Some courses require that you have a particular set of skills or knowledge before you begin the course. You are strongly encouraged to complete the pre-requisite course first if there is one listed on the course page.

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