Finland Keeps Top Spot in Global Index of Good Government

April 28, 2022
• European nations continue to feature prominently in the top twenty of the Chandler Good Government Index.
• Among APAC nations, Singapore comes third; New Zealand, ninth; Japan, 15th; Australia, 17th; and South Korea, 19th.
• Rwanda is the world’s best performing low-income country.
• Canada comes in 13th, while the United States is ranked 18th.
• Rule of Law, Property Rights, and Anti-Corruption are most closely linked with good governance.

Singapore, 28 April 2022: The second edition of the Chandler Good Government Index (the “CGGI”, or the “Index”) launched today in Singapore. Designed by the Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG), the Index is the world’s most comprehensive index of effective national government. It shows the importance of investing in enhancing the capabilities of public servants and the structures they operate within, to achieve a better and more sustainable future. This year’s edition builds on the success of the inaugural Index launched in 2021 and comes at a critical time as governments around the world look to recover from the pandemic.

Based on over 50 open data sources, the CGGI is a principled and data-driven way to understand the capabilities and outcomes of 104 governments across the world, and almost 90% of the world’s population. The index focuses on seven pillars – Leadership & Foresight; Robust Laws & Policies; Strong Institutions; Financial Stewardship; Attractive Marketplace; Global Influence & Reputation; and Helping People Rise. The rigorous methodology of the Index was developed in consultation with government practitioners, leaders, index experts, and researchers in governance.

The top 20 countries in this year’s edition of the Index are as follows:
The countries ranked top in each of the Index pillars are:
The Index – developed by government practitioners, for government practitioners – has been designed to be a practical tool for enhancing good governance. It enables governments, with their own unique economic and political situations, to assess and benchmark their capabilities and performance. The Index report provides analyses and examples of relevant and impactful policy and effective service delivery around the world.

Key Findings of the 2022 CGGI:

Good governments are more prepared for pandemics and other crises

Released during the pandemic, the Index allows us to assess how governance affects a nation’s crisis preparedness and responses. The 2022 CGGI shows that countries with good governance were better prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, conducted more tests per capita, and generally experienced fewer excess deaths per capita. Because many government capabilities – such as planning, budgeting and policy design – can be deployed to manage different challenges, the CGGI highlights the role of better governance in how nations deal with other pressing issues such as climate change and regional instability, during these increasingly turbulent times.

Good governance is closely linked to social mobility and social progress

Overall CGGI country rankings are closely linked to the degree of social mobility and social progress countries experience. In turn, social mobility is key for long-term cohesiveness and harmony within nations. The Index suggests that the most capable governments are those which foster the greatest social mobility, and social mobility increases the opportunities for every citizen to prosper.
Mr Wu Wei Neng, Executive Director of the Chandler Institute of Governance said,
“Government capabilities are an enduring source of competitive advantage for nations. These capabilities include systems, institutions, processes, and skills – elements that take time to improve and build up. Once developed and strengthened, government capabilities are not easily eroded in the short-term, and can support governments through brief periods of instability or crisis.”
Mr Wu Wei Neng
Executive Director of the Chandler Institute of Governance

Governance capabilities are an enduring source of national advantage

Roughly one-third of countries in the CGGI (33) maintained the same overall ranking, and there were few large changes in country rankings. This stability can be partly attributed to the CGGI’s focus on capabilities, rather than outcomes. Capabilities in governance represent enduring foundations for public sector excellence, and are stable and lasting investments that governments can make for the future.
Mr Kent Weaver, Professor of Public Policy and Government, Georgetown University said,
“Good governance should not be taken for granted; even high-performing countries can be caught off guard by unforeseen crises. The COVID-19 pandemic shows us that trust is a vital part of good governance. Indeed, the ability to effectively tackle corruption is the metric most closely associated with overall performance in the Index. When citizens trust their leaders and institutions to deliver effectively, governments can be more ambitious, and can work closely with communities to create opportunities and prosperity.”
Mr Kent Weaver,
Professor of Public Policy and Government, Georgetown University

More capable governments achieve better outcomes

The Index continues to show that effective government capabilities are closely linked to better outcomes for citizens. The same seven countries that top the overall Index also deliver the best outcomes in important areas such as education, gender equity and health, that matter to citizens. Additionally, Rule of Law, Property Rights, and Anti-Corruption are the three capabilities out of 26 that are most closely linked with overall CGGI performance. These are cornerstones upon which trust-based societies and economies are built. The Index not only highlights the need to bolster government capabilities globally, but can also reveal the specific areas different governments need to prioritise.
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The report was released during an online global launch on Monday 28th April at 5.30pm (SGT) / 10.30am (BST) / 5.30am (EDT). The following panellists spoke at the launch event:

• Aaron Maniam, Deputy Secretary, Industry & International, Ministry of Communications and Information, Singapore

• Maria Isabel Mejia, Senior Specialist in Digital Government and Public Innovation, Digital Transformation Department, CAF – Development Bank of Latin America

• Dr Niranjan Rajadhyaksha, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Fellow, Artha India Research Advisors

• Kenneth Sim, Dean of the Chandler Academy of Governance and Deputy Executive Director of the Chandler Institute of Governance

• H.E. Jean de Dieu Uwihanganye, High Commissioner of Rwanda to Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia
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COVID-19 and the Chandler Good Government Index 2022 Data

COVID-19 is an ongoing challenge that has not been resolved; the second edition of the Index does not capture the full impact of COVID-19 due to the varying release dates of the latest data sources.

About the Chandler Good Government Index 2022 (CGGI)

The Chandler Good Government Index 2022 (CGGI) is the second edition of an annual series, measuring the effectiveness of governments in 104 countries across the world.

It is a practical tool to support governments in monitoring and benchmarking their capabilities. By focusing on state capacity and performance, the Index is broadly relevant to a wide range of countries regardless of their income level, political system and culture.

The Index is comprised of third-party open-source data. Full details are included within the Indicator Definitions and Sources section of the CGGI report beginning on page 112.

For more information on the Chandler Good Government Index and the 2022 Country Rankings, please visit after the 2022 launch event.

About the Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG)

The Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG) is an international non-profit organisation, headquartered in Singapore. We believe in a world where citizens have a deep sense of trust in their governments and public institutions, and where nations are governed by principled, wise leaders supported by an effective civil service. Trust and effective governance serve as a strong foundation for national development and prosperity. CIG supports governments in building government talent, leadership and public service capabilities through training programmes, knowledge products and advisory work. We are not affiliated with any national government or political party, and we do not represent any partisan or commercial interests.

For more news and information, visit or follow CIG on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn @ChandlerINST
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