CIG Engages in Hague World Justice Forum Discussions to Improve the Rule of Law and Good Governance

June 3, 2022
THE HAGUE (NETHERLANDS), 3 JUNE 2022 — The Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG) attended the World Justice Forum this week. CIG’s Executive Director Wu Wei Neng spoke at the panel on Corruption Measurement as an Agent of Change as part of the World Justice Forum’s working session on anti-corruption and open government. He highlighted the value of measuring the capabilities of anti-corruption and integrity institutions, as part of a broader assessment of governance quality. The panel also explored how governments can use perception and experience-based indicators to complement quantitative indicators in order to identify opportunities for positive change. The Chandler Good Government Index (CGGI) offers a data-driven approach for governments to benchmark progress and enhance capabilities.

The CIG team also showcased its work as an exhibitor at the Justice Expo, including the CGGI Report, the Governance Matters Magazine, and its collaborative projects with governments to enhance capability development.
CIG at the Justice Expo with Kamel Ayadi, former Minister of Anti-Corruption of Tunisia and a Chandler Sessions member.
William C. Hubbard, co-founder and chair of the board of directors of the World Justice Project, speaking at the Opening Plenary on the Global State of the Rule of Law
During the Forum, CIG met with leaders, experts and social impact organisations to discuss the rule of law and its close link to good governance, the sharing of good practices in the public sector capabilities sphere, as well as potential areas for collaboration.

CIG and organisers of the World Justice Forum also shared updates on both parties’ projects and partnerships, and discussed ways to refine the methodologies of the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index and the Chandler Good Government Index to better measure government performances and outcomes
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About the Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG)

The Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG) is an international non-profit organisation, headquartered in Singapore. We believe in a world where citizens have a deep sense of trust in their governments and public institutions, and where nations are governed by principled, wise leaders supported by an effective civil service. Trust and effective governance serve as a strong foundation for national development and prosperity. CIG supports governments in building government talent, leadership and public service capabilities through training programmes, knowledge products and advisory work. We are not affiliated with any national government or political party, and we do not represent any partisan or commercial interests.

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