CIG Conducts Leadership Programme for Public Officials in Punjab, India

February 3, 2021
PUNJAB (INDIA), 6 FEBRUARY 2021 — The Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG) collaborated with Punjab’s (India) Mahatma Gandhi State Institute of Public Administration (MGSIPA) to design and deliver the Foundational Leadership Programme for Provincial Civil Service (PCS) officers from 2 to 6 February 2021.

The five-day programme brought together a mix of newly inducted and experienced PCS officers from all over Punjab. Over twenty participants had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and learn how to implement tools that would help them become more effective leaders for themselves and their staff. Through lectures and small learning group sessions, the programme helped the PCS officers to better understand their leadership context, navigate leadership transitions, manage execution, and develop their teams.
Programme participants with Dr Sanjeev Chaddha, Head and Professor, Management Development Centre at MGSIPA
Delivering her opening address, Mrs Jaspreet Talwar, IAS, Principal Secretary, Government of Punjab cum Director, MGSIPA emphasised the importance of growing into better leaders.
“We believe that we are good leaders but often when we sit down and do an assessment, we often realise that we do have shortcomings and we will need to improve.”
Mrs Jaspreet Talwar
IAS, Principal Secretary, Government of Punjab cum Director, MGSIPA
Mr Wu Wei Neng, Executive Director of the Chandler Institute of Governance, commented on the unique nature of leadership development programmes and his hopes that this programme would support the officers in their important work as government leaders and officers in Punjab and beyond.
“Leadership programmes are not about the downloading of the informational content but the focus is more on sharing, opening up, learning and growing."
Mr Wu Wei Neng
Executive Director, Chandler Institute of Governance
Fellows having pair discussions during the module on Purpose and Motivation
The programme was facilitated by leadership development experts Mr Goh Han Teck, Dr Matthew Lee Rawlins and Ms Ee Ling Shankar. All of them have worked extensively in building leadership capabilities with various partners from both the public and private sectors. The programme also invited Mrs Talwar and Dr Abhinav Trikha, IAS, Director Treasury and Accounts and Special Secretary Expenditure, Government of Punjab to share their leadership experiences during senior leadership dialogue sessions.
Mrs Talwar sharing her insights on public service leadership
The participants selected two valedictorians to represent their findings, key takeaways and experiences as a group during the five-day programme. Mr Kirpal Vir Singh said, “Leadership has the capacity to translate vision into reality. It enables us to act as agents of social change.” Ms Manreet Rana shared that the programme provided the participants with an opportunity to reflect, refresh, realign and relearn their strengths. Both valedictorians mentioned that they felt more equipped now to become leaders of the future.
Participants during the final day of the programme at MGSIPA
The Foundational Leadership Programme is part of a bigger collaboration between CIG and MGSIPA to enhance Punjab’s government training and leadership development systems, and falls under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Government of Punjab and CIG.
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About the Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG)

Mahatma Gandhi State Institute of Public Administration (MGSIPA) undertakes research, consultancy, training and allied activities to improve management efficiency in the various areas of public administration in Punjab, India. For more information about MGSIPA, please visit
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