CAG Concludes Training Programme to Strengthen Capabilities of Guinean Public Service Leaders

January 3, 2024
Mr Sun Xiushun, President, Winning International Group (first row, 8th from left), Mr Kong Wy Mun, CEO, Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (first row, 7th from left) and Ms Sin Xin Ping, Head, Programmes, CAG (second row, 5th from right) with the participants at the closing ceremony of the Guinea Executive Leadership Programme.
  • The Chandler Academy of Governance (CAG) collaborated with the Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) to train high potential government leaders from Guinea.
  • The sessions were designed to equip the participants with skills in policy implementation, personal effectiveness and leadership, project management and problem solving.
  • The programme was conducted over three segments with participants visiting Singapore to learn about Singapore’s experience in policy implementation.
SINGAPORE, 15 December 2023 — The Chandler Academy of Governance (CAG), the training arm of the Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG), have concluded our inaugural collaboration with Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) to design and deliver the Guinea Executive Leadership Programme. The collaboration marks an expansion of CIG’s reach in Africa and illustrates our continued commitment to building public sector capabilities through our training programmes.

Led by Mr Cidi Wee, CAG Expert, the programme was designed to equip 15 high-potential Guinean public sector leaders from different ministries with skills in policy implementation, personal effectiveness and leadership, project management and problem solving. To enhance retention of learning, participants were required to complete a capstone project where they had to identify a real-life issue back home, explain its impact and present proposed solutions to address the problem.

Participants presenting their capstone projects to programme sponsor, Mr Sun Xiushun, President, Winning International Group, Mr Kong Wy Mun, CEO, SCE and representatives from CAG and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP).

The programme was held over three segments – two in Singapore and one in Guinea, from 25 September to 15 December 2023. The segments held in Singapore enabled participants to delve deeper into Singapore’s experiences via learning journeys to the heartlands to observe policy implementation on the ground and through discussions led by current and former civil servants.

Mr Kenneth Sim, Dean, CAG engaging in discussions with the participants during the session on National Story

Participants navigating through Singapore’s heartlands in a self-directed learning journey to observe policy implementation in practice
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About the Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE)

The Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) was set up by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore in 2006 to respond effectively to the multitude of foreign requests interested in Singapore’s development experience.

SCE works closely with Singapore’s 16 ministries and over 60 statutory boards to scope out and tailor possible solutions to match the needs of foreign governments, and help meet their development objectives. SCE also serves as the focal point of access to expertise from Singapore across its public agencies.

SCE is currently an integrated arm of Enterprise Singapore, the Singapore government agency championing enterprise development and supporting the growth of Singapore as a hub for global trading and startups.

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About the Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG)

The Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG) is an international non-profit organisation, headquartered in Singapore. We believe in a world where citizens have a deep sense of trust in their governments and public institutions, and where nations are governed by principled, wise leaders supported by an effective civil service. Trust and effective governance serve as a strong foundation for national development and prosperity. CIG supports governments in building government talent, leadership and public service capabilities through training programmes, research initiatives and advisory work. We are not affiliated with any national government or political party, and we do not represent any partisan or commercial interests.

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About the Chandler Academy of Governance (CAG)

The Chandler Academy of Governance (CAG) is the training arm of CIG. CAG complements and supports CIG’s work by designing and delivering training programmes that are practitioner-oriented, to equip government leaders with capabilities required to meet the realities and demands of public service work. CAG works with its panel of adjunct trainers and subject matter experts in the design and delivery of these programmes.

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