Glendon Phua

Manager, Curriculum

Glendon is Manager, Curriculum, at the Chandler Academy of Governance (CAG). In his current role, he is responsible for developing and implementing the Academy’s curricular offerings.

Prior to joining CAG, Glendon held roles as a research and development manager at the Singapore Ministry of National Development (MND), and an educator at the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE), bringing extensive experience in strategy formulation and curriculum development.

At MND, Glendon supported senior management in strategy formulation and implementation through his research in the urban solution space, with a particular emphasis on the built environment. He also led the development of an inter-ministry data sharing platform aimed at enhancing data-sharing capabilities. As a Level coordinator at a Secondary School, he oversaw the design and delivery of the Biology curriculum and worked with his team explore innovative pedagogical approaches to content delivery. He was also part of the student leadership department and spearheaded the design of the curriculum for student leadership training programmes.

Glendon graduated with a BSc in Biological Sciences from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU), which he attended on an MOE Teaching Award.